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WEAG Library Login

If you log on to the library we will use session cookies to verify and track you as you navigate the website. Without cookies you will not be able to log on. If you do not accept the use of cookies then do not logon. Our policy of cookies is presented below.

WEAG Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile phone when you visit a websites.. These are then read by the website to enable the website to identify you as you navigate around the site or identify you if you return to the site or a related site. These are different types of cookie which can be summarised as:

  • Session cookies that are deleted after each visit. These are used to identify a user as they navigate the site. It avoids the need for the user to repeatedly log on as they navigate a site.
  • Persistent cookies that remain in place and track a user across multiple visits to a site.
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Some cookies are essential to the correct functioning of a website particularly those sites where you logon or sites using payment systems. These sites use Session Cookies which are valid whilst you are logged on and expire when you leave the site. Some sites use cookies to track the way users use the site and use this information to make improvements to the site. Others use cookies to modify the information presented to a user based on prior pages visited by the user or previous visits to the site. Some cookies are used to track users to target advertising to the user. For more information and details of how to control cookies visit

When does WEAG use cookies and why

  • We do not use any cookies on the public pages of our website
  • If you login on this website we will use a session cookie to track you as you navigate the website whilst logged on. Without this cookie you may not be able to log on. Our cookies will not contain personally identifiable information about you.
  • Persistent and third party cookies are not used on this site. We do not use cookies to monitor users or for advertising. We do not use Flash cookies.

If you have any queries regarding this Cookie Policy please contact

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