West Essex Archaeological Group was formed in April 1958 by Dr. Ernest Rudge, then Principal of West Ham College, and a number of amateur archaeologists and historians

The prime objective of the Group is “to promote the advancement of knowledge and education by a study of archaeology, history and kindred subjects particularly in West Essex

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Together with our colleagues at Copped Hall who run sessions for young visitors, WEAG is working to create a set of eductional programmes for groups of visitors from schools and colleges who want to understand what is involved in archaeological investigations and possibly to visit an actual working site. For further information please email: education@weag.org.uk

The Group organises monthly lectures during the academic year.  It also organises occasional visits and walks. See Events for details.

The Group has organised and carried out excavations in West Essex since the 1960’s. In the Group’s early days our most important excavation was of the Romano-British temple at Harlow. During the construction of the M11 motorway the Group excavated several sites revealed by the work, and prior to the construction of the M25 the Group, in cooperation with other similar groups in Essex and Hertfordshire, carried out fieldwalking along the proposed route.

Considerable work was carried out on the Romano-British settlement at Little London, near Abridge. The Group has often worked with the Waltham Abbey Historical Society at Waltham Abbey and maintains close links with the Epping Forest District Museum and the Museum of Harlow.

Currently, WEAG is excavating at Copped Hall on behalf of the Copped Hall Trust, investigating the remains of the 16th Century Tudor Mansion. For information on the digs at Copped Hall please email: coppedhalldigs@weag.org.uk.  WEAG also undertakes investigations at other locations when requested to do so at the invitation of the City of London, museums, other bodies or individuals..

WEAG has a respected reputation for always publishing reports on its excavations.

WEAG is a local community archaeological society, affiliated to the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (LAMAS) and The Council for British Archaeology (CBA).