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Experience Weekends

Formerly called Taster Weekends, The Archaeological Experience Weekend are aimed at introducing people to archaeologically.

WEAG will be running our Archaeological Experience Weekends at Copped Hall on 16-17, 23-24 & 30-31of July. The cost is £60 for each weekend. Contact. Ian Hunter at coppedhalldigs@weag.org.uk

WEAG Members Dig

The WEAG Members digs will take place alongside the taster weekends on the same three weekends (see above). Please use the email coppedhalldigs@weag.org.uk to book. There is no fee but a suggested minimum donation of £2.50 per day. Opportunities to supervise & finds process on the other two weekends will be available to members.

Finds Processing at Copped Hall

If people are willing, we will also re-start our finds processing at Copped Hall. This will take place on Sundays, please drop us an email at coppedhalldigs@weag.org.uk if you are interested in taking part.

Membership Renewal 1st January 2022

Membership is due for renewal on the 1st January 2022.
If you pay by standing order remember to adjust it to the new rate.

Publication of a book on Old Copped Hall

WEAG, on behalf of the Copped Hall Trust Archaeological Project, in collaboration with the Copped Hall Trust have published a book by Norah Carlin about the Old Copped Hall.

Norah has revisited the original documents in her research to reach the real story. Her ability to read medieval Latin came in very handy for this research. Norah is a retired history lecturer and a member of WEAG. The book covers the people who lived at the Old Copped Hall and their lives from 1258 until its demolition in the 1750s. Old Copped Hall was replaced by the nearby Georgian Mansion which is currently being restored.

Old Copped Hall was owned and/or lived in by some interesting people, including King Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I. The book is about 160 pages with about 60 illustrations.

The paperback book is available at an ‘early bird’ price of £17.99.

WEAG back at Copped Hall

Following an break caused by the Covid-19 virus, WEAG has returned to Copped Hall with a short dig covering the 29th and 30th August 2021. Work was carried out in a couple of locations at Copped Hall.

A report on this activity is given in the September issue of the WEAG Newsletter. Click here to read it. (This opens in a new tab)

Past Activities

A summary and photographs of the activities can be found in the Copped Hall Archaeology 2018 Report.

The Experience Weekend of 2017 provided an introduction to Geophysics techniques – a report on the Geophysics techniques and results is available to view.

A report on the Experience Weekends and Field Schools in 2018 is available to view.

Archaeology Experience Weekend – gift to friend

Are you looking for a different sort of gift for a friend or relative? Then why not treat them to an Archaeology Experience Weekend in July for only £60. Vouchers are now available. To purchase them please contact our Treasurer.